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Once you have had your new roof installed or you have had the repair work completed, the rest of your home may look tired and in need of some special attention too.

You may have walls or chimney stacks that need to be rendered or repointed or you may simply need your home to be painted to freshen it up and add some character and kerb appeal.

If so, then call in the experienced team at Sherwood & Roofing. Our team have been in the industry for over 17 years and have a vast knowledge of repairing walls, repairing chimney stacks and painting the exterior of homes in the North West.

We also offer a wall coating service for difficult walling that needs extra special treatment. Our wall coatings are the best on the market and our team will be happy to point out the differences in them and why one type may be better for your property than another.

exterior painting

The exterior painting service is great to make your home more appealing but can prove invaluable if you are looking to sell your property in the near future. A well painted house can make the decision easier when a person is looking to buy the property or not. A looked after exterior can demonstrate to passersby that the interior of the property is also looked after.

All of our exterior paints and wall coatings are of the best quality on the market today and our quotations are competitive but come with no obligation.

Our work is fully guaranteed, and our team can show you different paint colours to choose from, giving their professional opinion as to what colours would suit your property and its surroundings.

So, for quality exterior painting call Sherwood Roofing & Building Ltd today on the closest number to you at the top of the page, we welcome all types of enquiries no matter how large or small.