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At Sherwood Roofing & Building Ltd we welcome all roofing repair enquiries, no matter how large or small from home and business owners in the North West:

  • Replacing joists and timbers
  • Replacing missing tiles and slates
  • Fixing leaking roofs
  • Chimney and leadwork repairs
  • Unblocking gutters
  • Replacing gutters, fascias and soffits
  • General roof cleaning
  • Moss removal
  • Rendering and repointing of walls
  • House painting

Small roofing repairs can become larger problems if left untreated. Once the rain sets in, you can wave goodbye to small repair bills. Water can find its way into the smallest of cracks and can cause havoc to your property. Damp and mould can form inside your home not only making it uncomfortable and ugly to live in but also a health threat to you and your family.

If you see any mould or damp in your home, notice a musty smell that is lurking or worse, water leaking from your ceiling, you need to urgently call our team.

We have been in business for over 17 years and are knowledgeable with all aspects of roofing and roofing repairs. Take a look at our Checkatrade customer reviews to get an idea of our workmanship and professionalism.

All of our repair work is fully guaranteed. Call our team to organise a free roof survey to assess what repairs need to be carried out to make your roof watertight and safe. They will assess the whole of your roof checking all tiles, chimney stacks and guttering.

No deposit is needed, we only accept full payment once you are happy with the repairs that have been carried out successfully.

Our quotations are competitive and without any obligation so call Sherwood Roofing & Building Ltd today on the closest number to you at the top of the page, we welcome all types of roofing repair enquiries.

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